Sunday, November 4, 2012


What fun we had at a neighbors' house in Mecedora Estates last Thursday. It was All Soul's Day when we, as Catholics, honor the dead. The Valdez's opened their home so friends could light candles to honor those who passed away, mostly during the past year.

We had many to remember from the destruction of Hurricane Sandy which devastated much of the East Coast this past week. There were some neighborhood friends who passed also.

I read from my book, Small White Hearts, a poem called "Be Comforted":

My Children, love and be comforted.
Be comforted and be a comfort to those who are closest to you.
Love them with My Love. Be with them in their needs as they are needy.

Be comforted and be a comfort to those you love who are far away.
Those you do not speak with every day, those whose voices you seldom hear.
Keep them in your prayer.

Be comforted and be a comfort to those you love who have passed from this world.
Know that they are in My Care, under My Protection, with Me.
They know the joy of eternal life. This will be your reward when you meet Me.

I love the way this is written in three parts. First, the Lord addresses those who are closest. Second, we see those who are far away. Last, we find those who have passed away. What a joy to know those who have gone before us are with God in Heaven, celebrating with Him and reaping the rewards of following Him. He promises that we shall have that reward, also.