Wednesday, May 15, 2013


        This Sunday is Pentecost which means that fifty days after Easter, Our Lord left Earth, ascended to Heaven, and sent the Holy Spirit to be with us here on Earth. The Holy Spirit is our Counselor and Advocate, meaning He works with the Father and Son to bring us comfort and joy. The readings for Saturday night are about the people in the Tower of Babel wanting to be better than God, so God confused their language and scattered them throughtout the world. Feel free to share this with bible study, friends, or family. Just mention my name when you read it. Blessings.
Small White Hearts

My Children, when you reach out to Me,
When you stretch your hands out to Me,
I place inside them a basket full of small white hearts
For you to distribute to those around you.

And, as you do, they turn into small white doves,
The symbol of My Pentecost.
And those doves, as they alight become
Flames of fiery grace.

And those tongues of fire become drops of blood
Raining down from Heaven
To shatter and splatter and shed and spread
Themselves to the ends of the earth.
And those drops become ruby-red roses
To fragrance your most intimate being
Sending a holiness and richness
To breathe out praises of song.
And these songs call and commit you
To the task of being a people of joy.
You are called to be a light to all nations.
You are chosen to evangelize My World.

Sunday, May 5, 2013


       Suzanne and I will have our first show together at Holy Trinity Monastery in St. David this weekend, Mother's Day, May 11 and 12, 2013. I will have my book, Small White Hearts,  and Suzanne will have her photography, pictures in frames, greeting cards, matted pictures, and more. We are hoping to put some of my verses on her greeting cards, another first.
         The Monastery is a favorite with all of my family in that we traveled there many Sundays for mass and picture-taking. I went on several day retreats, never spending a weekend, though. There is a most unusual Stations of the Cross behind the Monastery. Check it out next time you go, say the stations, and feel the connection between our desert and Jesus' desert. I think they still have small brochures to follow along. We love the serenity of the grounds.
          The following is an article from Wikipedia on the history of the Monastery. I well remember Abbott David and Fr. Louis for their hospitality and generousity. I will find some more and better info to add to this later this week. Wonderful peacocks are there to photo if you can be patient until they spread their plumage.

          In the spring of 1974 Bishop Francis J. Green, of the Diocese of Tucson, made the request for a Christian renewal center to be established in Cochise County, the southeast corner of the diocese.

       Abbot David Geraets, O.S.B. of the founding Benedictine Abbey, Pecos, New Mexico, asked Fr. Louis B. Hasenfuss O.S.B. to begin the project. He arrived in St. David from Albuquerque, accompanied by Paul Meuller and Steve Stevens, on September 3, 1974. They settled in on the 92 acres property. Maxine and Larry Lee, a married California couple, and Fr. Clark Moore, a Tucson Diocesan priest, were there with Marty Martinez. From this nucleus the Monastery grows today.

          On December 12, 1974 the ground was broken for Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, with Bishop Green presiding over the historic occasion. He also presided over the church dedication on June 24, 1981.

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