Monday, February 25, 2013


Beautify Yourselves, My Children

Find all the beauty in this world and take it upon yourselves to spread it to others. Let it renew and revive and adorn all.
Beautify yourselves, by searching into Scripture for all the beautiful verses you can find and meditate on them – know how they will transform you into a righteous people.
Beautify yourselves, by searching deep into your heart to make it a place of love and joy which reaches out to those who always need reassurance and often know not how to find it.
Beautify yourselves, by teaching others to radiate Me from the depths of their souls and send them out into a world that must learn to accept the poor and forlorn.
Beautify yourselves, by uniting your purpose in life with striving for goodness in each act you commit. Each act, each deed, must be based on truth and justice for your fellow man.

(Note: this is the poem I had the pleasure of sharing with 200 women at the Globe Retreat.)

Sunday, February 24, 2013


      Two posts ago I said I would finish telling you about the spiritually powerful  retreat in Globe, Arizona.  Bishop Gerald Kicanas gave the Homily and talked mostly on the First Reading which was taken from the Book of Ecclesiates: A Time for Everything. He said we needed to experience a healing from past hurts and not tear down what was already built up. We needed to seek our life's purposes. Longing for love is a necessity. A time of peace should be within our lives.
      Bishop Kicanas told us that he had a very pious Lebanese grandmother who all day long would say, "Thanks be to God." His mother who turned 100 in June, became a Catholic when he was in eighth grade. They were originally from Chicago. Ramona Ortiz, who coordinated the event, mentioned several times that the Bishop has a tender, compassionate spot in his ministry for women.
      Fr. Joe Rodrigues who was the main speaker, shared some insight on the Temptations of Christ. He told us we are tempted the same as Jesus and have to confront the problems that face us. A woman saw a dirty lot, cleaned it, and planted. A man commented that she and God were partners. We have a temptation to judge and ask why bad stuff happens to good people. Jesus had to go through the same stuff to show how much He would do for us. We listen with our hearts, speak with love, then let go of the results. In the end the angels ministered to Jesus, and we need to know He and they will minister to us.
     Fr. Joe told a wonderful story about a Teapot that was always so sad when it looked at its reflection in the mirror. From all stages of its development, it did not like itself. Finally, one day the Teapot saw its reflection after having been painted, colored, and refined. It was so pleased with its result. We, too, need to look at that finished product which God is working on, and love what He has created.
      I wrote a poem and asked Fr. Joe if he would like to share it at the Retreat. He agreed and so I read it over the mike and gave copies to those who attended. It is called, "Beautify Yourselves". I will post it here in a few days. Look for it. Can't you already hear the connection to the Teapot story?  

Saturday, February 16, 2013


     I have been busy all week selling at our booth at the gem show. Many people still stopping by and today was super busy even though this is our last week. Some folks have packed up and gone home. I have met many from Australia these last few weeks and have found all of them the most delightful people. Both those that I buy from and those who buy from me are well-versed, articulate, and pleasant. I meet them in the restaurant or they stop by my tent. I find them very laid-back and gracious.
     It was so cold this week, most unlike Tucson. It rained on Monday: we had to close down the tent and go home  We got flooded out - luckily no goods were damaged - and had to go home. Tuesday the tent floor was still wet and we had to walk in the mud. It took about two more days to totally dry out. Yesterday and today were beautiful, short-sleeve weather again.
     A huge meteorite fell to the Earth just two days ago in Russia, making national news. Usually the meteorites don't hurt any one when they fall, but this one was extremely different. The sonic boom was deafening, windows rattled, and panes of glass scattered all over. Many were sent to hospitals from injuries - at last count 1,400. It exploded with the force of 20 atomic bombs, was the size of a school bus, and weighed 7,000 tons. About 3,000 buildings have been damaged. There was no word of any deaths nor anyone hit by meteorite fragments.
     In the news at the same time was a story about an asteroid the size of an office building that narrowly missed Earth. It was 150-feet wide and passed within 17,000 miles. No connections were between the meteorite and the asteroid which will orbit the inner solar system. NASA has been watching this for a while. FYI the Earth is about 7,900 miles wide and the moon is 239,000 miles away.  

Sunday, February 10, 2013



       I spent the weekend in Globe at a fantastic retreat for women put on by the Tapestry of Hope Ministry It was sunny as we left Tucson on Friday. Saturday we woke to rain then snow then cold weather all day, but most attendees were well bundled. Of course, we had to enjoy goodies all day long and homemade macaroni and cheese with fried chicken. Desserts, snacks, and varieties of beverages spoiled us. Ramona Ortiz was our most gracious host. Sunday on the way home was absolutely gorgeous skies of bright blue and numerous white clouds. Delightful.
       Fr. Joe Rodrigues, of Tucson and Milwaukee gave the most in-depth talk on getting life together and healing from wounds of the past. Singing songs from six CDs he is on, helped get the message across.  In the bible are 1200 words that mean hear or listen. We need to listen more to our children and coworkers. Listen with your heart and speak with love.
        Fr. Joe said elderly people have several regrets. They wish they had not worked so much. They wish they had the courage to express themselves. They wish they had stayed in touch with friends. They wish they had let themselves be happier. Where are you in these stages? What do you have to change and let go of?
        When my daughter, Beth Carrillo, read that on Facebook, she commented,  "I have little regrets, as I have a wonderful mother who taught me to cherish friends, family and relationships. I have had to let go not being accepted for who I am and understanding that it is ok to do so. Even from those closest to me." I commented back that she has been brought up well. I wish more people were.
        Fr. Joe also let me read one of my new poems called "Beautify Yourself". It went along with a Teapot story he told. I hope to put it here this week. Watch for it!

Monday, February 4, 2013


      Today I read some interesting facts about Lunar and Martian meteorites. Only 134 different Lunar meteorites exist. They came from 50 falls and most were found in the desert. None were found in North America, South America, or Europe. These meteorites were ejected from the moon during the last 20 million years. They go into orbit before landing on Earth. They also were brought back to Earth by the Apollo space missions.
     The Martian meteorites were formed on the planet Mars and ejected by an asteroid or comet before landing here. They were ejected almost 11 million years ago. Of the 61,000 meteorites only few are Martian. Scientists argue over whether the fossilized interiors are really former life on Mars.
      The most meteorites were found in Antarctica, 19884, where the government has put numerous restrictions on hunting there. Next is the USA with 1346, then Libya with 1302. Australia has 578, Oman with 511, and Algeria 472. North West Africa has 407 and India with 139.  Russia has 117 and Mexico has 99. Poland has 26.  Facts from Wikipedia.
       Our perfect Tucson weather continued today for many shoppers to be out and about. It was jacket weather earlier. Many people were in shorts most of the day. I'm still feeling chilly and wearing three shirts and a hat. Still haven't found the organic apples but did enjoy the buffet at the City Center. Nice menu change from last year: fresh fruit, yogurt, choice of cereal, scrambled eggs and hash browns. Four breads, bagels, and hot waffles were a surprise. Starbucks coffee was delicious.  

Friday, February 1, 2013


     Today we had several strong men assist us in taking the tables, tablecloths, display stands, and other essentials to the Kino Sports Park where a very secure tent was awaiting all our efforts from the past few weeks of cleaning, labeling, and selecting. We were just down the walkway from the main tent. Many others were already set up and doing much business.
     It was just a little chilly in the morn, but soon the bountiful sun bathed us with its beauty and warmed our tired bones. The sun welcomed visitors from all over. Massachusetts, Delaware, Florida were among the signs along our walkway. Soon I'll have a chance to meet most of them, touch their goods, and share stories of why they think their brand is the best.
     Once the men set up the tables and hung our signs, we girls were left to show off our stuff by filling each stand with yellow desert glass from Libya and green moldavite from Germany. Next out went the really big meteorites from Argentina from a fall 500 years ago. A box of smaller ones from a fall in Arizona, called Canyon Diablo went up soon. Medium-sized from a fall in Russia that was witnessed by a number of people in broad daylight went in another corner.
     It was wonderful to see familiar faces stop by just to say hello and let us know where they had set up their own booths.  A little wheeling-dealing later?? Oh, yes, definite doings soon. Some of the other people who said hello came from Alaska, Wisconsin, and California. All had a tale to tell on now they got their first meteorite and where it is today, what size it is, and how they feel it was a good purchase and content with keeping it.
     Still looking for the food wagon with the organic apples!