Monday, April 22, 2013


Boston, Boston, My Lovely City
Oh, how I remember walking down your streets, my lovely city.
Filled with legends and folklore.
Filled with history of days gone by.
Attending sports events.
Rooting for the home teams.
Knowing each player's number.
Knowing each coach's face.

Oh, how my heart aches for you, my lovely city.
Torn by a terrorist's bomb.
Torn by a gunman's shot.
Riddled with explosive debris.
Shattered by a pressure cooker filled with deadly parts.
Oh, how Our Lord watched over you, my lovely city.
Oh, how you were protected from further danger.
So many came to the rescue of all.
Giving of selfless means.
Five dead, should have been none.
Five dead, could have been more.
We pray for
      physicians and patients
      patriotism of people
      preparedness of police
      punishment for perpetrator
      peace restored in hearts
Oh, Lord, send comfort to friends and relatives in
      Quincy and Braintree
      Taunton and Scituate
      Hudson and Dorchester
      Whitman and Cape Cod
Gratitude to all who helped. Healing to all who were injured.
Be Strong, Boston, Be Strong.

Written by Norma Vieira Morrison, author of Small White Hearts, This may be shared but please give me credit, Thanks, Norma, April 22, 2013

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


 My Humble, Obedient Child,
You are Mine and I am yours on this our journey together
through the Desert.
Come to Me as I draw you close, so close to Me.
You have been there, always been there, for My Requests.
It has not been an easy journey, but a journey is never easy.
Like Abraham who pulled tent stakes every time I called him,
you, too, moved on My Request.
Every move saw new challenges, new adventures,
        new excitements, and new experiences.
There will always be newness because without it
no growth comes.
It is how you personally handle it that makes you
a humble servant of Mine.
Come to the Desert, be with Me
as I teach you, console you, laugh with you.
Come spend time with Me in fellowship and love.
For you are Mine and I am yours on this our journey
together through the Desert.
Love, Jesus
Note: The root of the word journey means to pick up tent stakes and move on. Abraham rarely spent much time in one place and never built himself a house. He was obedient to God. May you feel the same calling as you hear His Word in your ear. I like the newness-growth line best. Our Lord asked for this to be shared. Feel free to copy but put my name on it. Thanks, Norma Morrison

Sunday, April 14, 2013


      Our party was so special. About twenty showed up last night for the most perfect weather I have ever seen in Tucson. It was about 80 degrees during the afternoon and dropped to around 60 as we were leaving. The sun was shining as brightly as the smiles of the attendees. Brad, Maria and I could not have planned a better day. Tucson weather is sometimes unpredictable and except for the wind blowing out my candles faster than I could, it all was the epitome of events.
        Several special things happened: first of all the guests enjoyed Brad's new house on the East end of town with his beautiful backyard and westerly views of the desert and sunset. Suzanne and others snapped some pretty photos. One pic of the sunset was taken with the iron scroll of the fence in it, my favorite. Suzanne was also showing off pics she captured earlier in the day of a burnt-out building in town. She was fortunate to be allowed to walk on the property and get some great angles, as she always does. 
        The grill was fired up for hamburgers, chicken, and brats with all the seasonings and condiments. Salads, veggie trays, rice dishes, and rolls. Several chips and dips all made from scratch were enjoyed. Paul put a photo of me trying to blow out my candles and the wind (don't know where it came from) interrupted. My wish was for all who attended - and those who wanted to attend - to be blessed by Our Lord Who watches over all and embraces me and the entire world.
         Jana brought along a magnificent telescope so we could see the sun, moon, and numerous cloud clusters. Everyone patiently waited his/her turn before complementing the view. At the end I read one of the poems from Small White Hearts www.smallwhitehearts,com called Under the Stars on page 59. It is about how magnificent God is in creating this world. Last verse reads, "How can those who question what He does not believe? Ask if they can hold one planet in their hands and spin it like a top? No, they can't and still they don't believe. Teach them the truth." May we always spread that Word to those who have not been exposed to it.
          Missed at the party were Beth and Eddie as they took a much-needed weekend away up to Pinetop in northern Arizona.  My thoughts also during the night were with my daughter Lisa who was holding her own party and first gallery exhibition in Chile. I will soon find out how she did. Our Lord blesses her also as she travels and finds newness in change and growth. Over the phone on my birthday, I read a new poem to Lisa and will post it here during the week as I am asked to share what I receive with others. 

Friday, April 12, 2013


      Today is my birthday. I love celebrating the day I was born and give thanks to my mom for having me 72 years ago. I look at my three daughters and appreciate them and all of their accomplishments. I heard from all of them already. Beth called to say she will be away this weekend on a much-needed rest with hubby Eddie; therefore, she will miss my party tomorrow. Suzanne was supposed to be away, but plans changed and she will be in Tucson. Lisa is still having fun in Chile and we jus spent an hour on the phone. Beth and Lisa always call me on their birthdays to say, "Thank you for giving me birth." That is a super thought and more children should do it.
        I was thinking back on birthdays in the past and trying to pick one that stood out the most. I had several with a mass at my house and abundant food after. Those were the best. Two years ago for my 70th, Fr. Joe said mass and spent time with us socializing. Fr. Jim did my 50th and 60th. His mom joined him for goodies after. Both priests are mentioned in my book, Small White Hearts, as special for being instumental in my spiritual growth. It has always been very important for me to have guidance in all I do.
       What do you think Jesus did on His birthday? Was it celebrated? No mention is made of any kind of festivities outside of the Holy Days and weddings. A wedding feast took eight days of celebration. People would be there then go off to their jobs or whatever, then go back to the feast. The entire village was involved. That is why Mary was so concerned about the wine running out on the third day. She asked Her Son to do His first miracle by changing the water into wine. The bridal couple received a wonderful gift - finer wine than what the father had made.
         Tomorrow I will spend time at a party for my good friend Brad Kern. It is a double party - a housewarming for him and a birthday for me. Maria Haas has been working on the arrangements and about twenty should show. I have asked for no gifts, as I always do, but for people to give me food for the homeless. Last time I had eight bags of cans and boxes to give to eight different places.
         My sister just called and my nephew Facebooked. Wonderful day! How I love birthdays!