Sunday, April 14, 2013


      Our party was so special. About twenty showed up last night for the most perfect weather I have ever seen in Tucson. It was about 80 degrees during the afternoon and dropped to around 60 as we were leaving. The sun was shining as brightly as the smiles of the attendees. Brad, Maria and I could not have planned a better day. Tucson weather is sometimes unpredictable and except for the wind blowing out my candles faster than I could, it all was the epitome of events.
        Several special things happened: first of all the guests enjoyed Brad's new house on the East end of town with his beautiful backyard and westerly views of the desert and sunset. Suzanne and others snapped some pretty photos. One pic of the sunset was taken with the iron scroll of the fence in it, my favorite. Suzanne was also showing off pics she captured earlier in the day of a burnt-out building in town. She was fortunate to be allowed to walk on the property and get some great angles, as she always does. 
        The grill was fired up for hamburgers, chicken, and brats with all the seasonings and condiments. Salads, veggie trays, rice dishes, and rolls. Several chips and dips all made from scratch were enjoyed. Paul put a photo of me trying to blow out my candles and the wind (don't know where it came from) interrupted. My wish was for all who attended - and those who wanted to attend - to be blessed by Our Lord Who watches over all and embraces me and the entire world.
         Jana brought along a magnificent telescope so we could see the sun, moon, and numerous cloud clusters. Everyone patiently waited his/her turn before complementing the view. At the end I read one of the poems from Small White Hearts www.smallwhitehearts,com called Under the Stars on page 59. It is about how magnificent God is in creating this world. Last verse reads, "How can those who question what He does not believe? Ask if they can hold one planet in their hands and spin it like a top? No, they can't and still they don't believe. Teach them the truth." May we always spread that Word to those who have not been exposed to it.
          Missed at the party were Beth and Eddie as they took a much-needed weekend away up to Pinetop in northern Arizona.  My thoughts also during the night were with my daughter Lisa who was holding her own party and first gallery exhibition in Chile. I will soon find out how she did. Our Lord blesses her also as she travels and finds newness in change and growth. Over the phone on my birthday, I read a new poem to Lisa and will post it here during the week as I am asked to share what I receive with others. 

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