Friday, April 12, 2013


      Today is my birthday. I love celebrating the day I was born and give thanks to my mom for having me 72 years ago. I look at my three daughters and appreciate them and all of their accomplishments. I heard from all of them already. Beth called to say she will be away this weekend on a much-needed rest with hubby Eddie; therefore, she will miss my party tomorrow. Suzanne was supposed to be away, but plans changed and she will be in Tucson. Lisa is still having fun in Chile and we jus spent an hour on the phone. Beth and Lisa always call me on their birthdays to say, "Thank you for giving me birth." That is a super thought and more children should do it.
        I was thinking back on birthdays in the past and trying to pick one that stood out the most. I had several with a mass at my house and abundant food after. Those were the best. Two years ago for my 70th, Fr. Joe said mass and spent time with us socializing. Fr. Jim did my 50th and 60th. His mom joined him for goodies after. Both priests are mentioned in my book, Small White Hearts, as special for being instumental in my spiritual growth. It has always been very important for me to have guidance in all I do.
       What do you think Jesus did on His birthday? Was it celebrated? No mention is made of any kind of festivities outside of the Holy Days and weddings. A wedding feast took eight days of celebration. People would be there then go off to their jobs or whatever, then go back to the feast. The entire village was involved. That is why Mary was so concerned about the wine running out on the third day. She asked Her Son to do His first miracle by changing the water into wine. The bridal couple received a wonderful gift - finer wine than what the father had made.
         Tomorrow I will spend time at a party for my good friend Brad Kern. It is a double party - a housewarming for him and a birthday for me. Maria Haas has been working on the arrangements and about twenty should show. I have asked for no gifts, as I always do, but for people to give me food for the homeless. Last time I had eight bags of cans and boxes to give to eight different places.
         My sister just called and my nephew Facebooked. Wonderful day! How I love birthdays!

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