Monday, April 22, 2013


Boston, Boston, My Lovely City
Oh, how I remember walking down your streets, my lovely city.
Filled with legends and folklore.
Filled with history of days gone by.
Attending sports events.
Rooting for the home teams.
Knowing each player's number.
Knowing each coach's face.

Oh, how my heart aches for you, my lovely city.
Torn by a terrorist's bomb.
Torn by a gunman's shot.
Riddled with explosive debris.
Shattered by a pressure cooker filled with deadly parts.
Oh, how Our Lord watched over you, my lovely city.
Oh, how you were protected from further danger.
So many came to the rescue of all.
Giving of selfless means.
Five dead, should have been none.
Five dead, could have been more.
We pray for
      physicians and patients
      patriotism of people
      preparedness of police
      punishment for perpetrator
      peace restored in hearts
Oh, Lord, send comfort to friends and relatives in
      Quincy and Braintree
      Taunton and Scituate
      Hudson and Dorchester
      Whitman and Cape Cod
Gratitude to all who helped. Healing to all who were injured.
Be Strong, Boston, Be Strong.

Written by Norma Vieira Morrison, author of Small White Hearts, This may be shared but please give me credit, Thanks, Norma, April 22, 2013

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