Friday, February 1, 2013


     Today we had several strong men assist us in taking the tables, tablecloths, display stands, and other essentials to the Kino Sports Park where a very secure tent was awaiting all our efforts from the past few weeks of cleaning, labeling, and selecting. We were just down the walkway from the main tent. Many others were already set up and doing much business.
     It was just a little chilly in the morn, but soon the bountiful sun bathed us with its beauty and warmed our tired bones. The sun welcomed visitors from all over. Massachusetts, Delaware, Florida were among the signs along our walkway. Soon I'll have a chance to meet most of them, touch their goods, and share stories of why they think their brand is the best.
     Once the men set up the tables and hung our signs, we girls were left to show off our stuff by filling each stand with yellow desert glass from Libya and green moldavite from Germany. Next out went the really big meteorites from Argentina from a fall 500 years ago. A box of smaller ones from a fall in Arizona, called Canyon Diablo went up soon. Medium-sized from a fall in Russia that was witnessed by a number of people in broad daylight went in another corner.
     It was wonderful to see familiar faces stop by just to say hello and let us know where they had set up their own booths.  A little wheeling-dealing later?? Oh, yes, definite doings soon. Some of the other people who said hello came from Alaska, Wisconsin, and California. All had a tale to tell on now they got their first meteorite and where it is today, what size it is, and how they feel it was a good purchase and content with keeping it.
     Still looking for the food wagon with the organic apples!

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