Sunday, February 24, 2013


      Two posts ago I said I would finish telling you about the spiritually powerful  retreat in Globe, Arizona.  Bishop Gerald Kicanas gave the Homily and talked mostly on the First Reading which was taken from the Book of Ecclesiates: A Time for Everything. He said we needed to experience a healing from past hurts and not tear down what was already built up. We needed to seek our life's purposes. Longing for love is a necessity. A time of peace should be within our lives.
      Bishop Kicanas told us that he had a very pious Lebanese grandmother who all day long would say, "Thanks be to God." His mother who turned 100 in June, became a Catholic when he was in eighth grade. They were originally from Chicago. Ramona Ortiz, who coordinated the event, mentioned several times that the Bishop has a tender, compassionate spot in his ministry for women.
      Fr. Joe Rodrigues who was the main speaker, shared some insight on the Temptations of Christ. He told us we are tempted the same as Jesus and have to confront the problems that face us. A woman saw a dirty lot, cleaned it, and planted. A man commented that she and God were partners. We have a temptation to judge and ask why bad stuff happens to good people. Jesus had to go through the same stuff to show how much He would do for us. We listen with our hearts, speak with love, then let go of the results. In the end the angels ministered to Jesus, and we need to know He and they will minister to us.
     Fr. Joe told a wonderful story about a Teapot that was always so sad when it looked at its reflection in the mirror. From all stages of its development, it did not like itself. Finally, one day the Teapot saw its reflection after having been painted, colored, and refined. It was so pleased with its result. We, too, need to look at that finished product which God is working on, and love what He has created.
      I wrote a poem and asked Fr. Joe if he would like to share it at the Retreat. He agreed and so I read it over the mike and gave copies to those who attended. It is called, "Beautify Yourselves". I will post it here in a few days. Look for it. Can't you already hear the connection to the Teapot story?  

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