Monday, February 4, 2013


      Today I read some interesting facts about Lunar and Martian meteorites. Only 134 different Lunar meteorites exist. They came from 50 falls and most were found in the desert. None were found in North America, South America, or Europe. These meteorites were ejected from the moon during the last 20 million years. They go into orbit before landing on Earth. They also were brought back to Earth by the Apollo space missions.
     The Martian meteorites were formed on the planet Mars and ejected by an asteroid or comet before landing here. They were ejected almost 11 million years ago. Of the 61,000 meteorites only few are Martian. Scientists argue over whether the fossilized interiors are really former life on Mars.
      The most meteorites were found in Antarctica, 19884, where the government has put numerous restrictions on hunting there. Next is the USA with 1346, then Libya with 1302. Australia has 578, Oman with 511, and Algeria 472. North West Africa has 407 and India with 139.  Russia has 117 and Mexico has 99. Poland has 26.  Facts from Wikipedia.
       Our perfect Tucson weather continued today for many shoppers to be out and about. It was jacket weather earlier. Many people were in shorts most of the day. I'm still feeling chilly and wearing three shirts and a hat. Still haven't found the organic apples but did enjoy the buffet at the City Center. Nice menu change from last year: fresh fruit, yogurt, choice of cereal, scrambled eggs and hash browns. Four breads, bagels, and hot waffles were a surprise. Starbucks coffee was delicious.  

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