Sunday, February 10, 2013



       I spent the weekend in Globe at a fantastic retreat for women put on by the Tapestry of Hope Ministry It was sunny as we left Tucson on Friday. Saturday we woke to rain then snow then cold weather all day, but most attendees were well bundled. Of course, we had to enjoy goodies all day long and homemade macaroni and cheese with fried chicken. Desserts, snacks, and varieties of beverages spoiled us. Ramona Ortiz was our most gracious host. Sunday on the way home was absolutely gorgeous skies of bright blue and numerous white clouds. Delightful.
       Fr. Joe Rodrigues, of Tucson and Milwaukee gave the most in-depth talk on getting life together and healing from wounds of the past. Singing songs from six CDs he is on, helped get the message across.  In the bible are 1200 words that mean hear or listen. We need to listen more to our children and coworkers. Listen with your heart and speak with love.
        Fr. Joe said elderly people have several regrets. They wish they had not worked so much. They wish they had the courage to express themselves. They wish they had stayed in touch with friends. They wish they had let themselves be happier. Where are you in these stages? What do you have to change and let go of?
        When my daughter, Beth Carrillo, read that on Facebook, she commented,  "I have little regrets, as I have a wonderful mother who taught me to cherish friends, family and relationships. I have had to let go not being accepted for who I am and understanding that it is ok to do so. Even from those closest to me." I commented back that she has been brought up well. I wish more people were.
        Fr. Joe also let me read one of my new poems called "Beautify Yourself". It went along with a Teapot story he told. I hope to put it here this week. Watch for it!

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