Sunday, January 27, 2013


     As I drove along the highway today I spotted more tents up, especially the huge, white one at 22nd Street and I-10. Several U Hauls were parked in front. I couldn't see what they were unloading, but the 22nd Street tent usually has fossils and many gems. Mysterious goods. 
     A friend who works security for the show has been busy already keeping careful watch on several people who have started setting up at the Kino Sports Center where the ballgames are played. This is a new name change now from T.E.P. (Tucson Electric Park). Last year there were several new food vendor's with a better selection of eating healthier. I hope they keep some of them. It is difficult to find healthy, hot food at a reasonable price. I hope the vendor with the organic apples comes back.        
     There is also a small RV park adjacent to the Kino Sports Center whereby people drive their RV's into a designated spot, put out a canopy, and sell in the shade. Mostly retired elderly from around the country with some fascinating stories of how they collected whatever rock or gem they have for sale. They go to swap meets all over and find just the right color or brilliance in the gems they display.
      This was where I spent most of my gem show time the last two years and will again this year. I have been fortunate to know someone with a great interest in meteorites so I will again be helping set up and run the booth. The last two years we had problems with the tents blowing away during heavy wind and rain storms. It was very mean out there a number of times even for the usual calm weather Tucson is famous for. I am excited about seeing what our new tent will look like and how fast we can open and close the sides when windy.
      Last week was spent sorting and labeling, getting paperwork ready, and packing boxes to bring over for this weekend's opening. Anxious to see thousands of people descend on Tucson in a few days.

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