Tuesday, January 1, 2013


       Since it is 2013, here's a poem for the New Year. Jesus says, "My Children, how dearly I love you. I embrace you in My Arms – the outstretched arms that reached out to you from the Cross. I embrace you with My Love: the love that frees confused souls.
       "I embrace you with My Power: the power that enables you to do My Will. Make this a new year in Me, a new year in Christ. A new year in reaching out to others, and a new year in shining forth the freedom others may experience.
        "Exemplify Me. Focus your lives around me. Speak My Word. I will embrace you in those all-encompassing arms for I cherish you.  I am gladdened by your time alone with Me."
         I challenge you, my friends, to find that peaceful, quiet time to recognize what your future holds if you simply look for Him in all you do. My daughters and I are making resolutions to leave all of the challenges of last year behind us and to look with God's eyes to the brightness of the future. We vow to make good decisions and take responsibility for our actions. You can, too.

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