Wednesday, August 22, 2012


How can the emotion of someone reading what I wrote affect all in a room? Yesterday I attended a birthday party for a friend at Armory Park. One of the presents was a copy of my book Small White Hearts personally signed by me.

Arlene Lopez who was at the party read the poem "Your Interests". Almost all who were there had to wipe tears from eyes, including me. Arlene said it touched her immensely and asked for two copies to give as presents to relatives.

A few days ago my friend, Janet Weir, emailed that the book is so typically me; very down-to-earth. She enjoyed reading about the guidance of meditation and the hints on the prayer corner.

When I was at Sacred Heart Church in Tucson, a man who has cancer got a copy of the book and has been touched by several messages of hope.

An up and coming event I will be participating in is the Blessed Kateri Fiesta September 8 and 9 with much food, music, and games. A table will be set up for Small White Hearts. Stop by and say hi. See you there!

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