Thursday, August 2, 2012


This week had several exciting events. The biggest was a Mecedora Country Club signing party for yours truly. Invites were sent out and wonderful food and conversation was shared.

Several people at the party who already had a copy of Small White Hearts told what letters or meditations they liked best. Christina read from my poem "Everything" that talks about the opportunities available in this world to do and be whatever you want to be.

Phil shared that he likes the calming, peaceful feeling he gets while reading and meditating.

We all are looking forward to seeing the next issue of the New Vision, the Southern Arizona Catholic newspaper, which will carry a picture of the book and a comment by an excited reader who says this is a must-read for those who need to find serenity in their lives. The New Vision reaches an audience from Tucson to Yuma, Nogales, Bisbee, and Casa Grande. It covers issues pertinent to the Catholic community as well as those affected by its outreach.

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