Tuesday, July 9, 2013


A few days ago I said I would put my poem Flowers of Heaven here for you to enjoy and absorb the fragrance of its beauty. God loves you so much. Read each line and meditate on it. Journal on the words He speaks to you.
Flowers of Heaven

My Children, you know I see each of you as individuals in My Eyes.

I see you as precious, brilliant flowers of Heaven.
One day you will live here with this blanket at your feet.

The flowers of Earth are imperfect, subject to the elements,
Trampled on by others, damaged by insects.

But you I see as the flowers of Heaven.
So brilliant in their colorful array.
They are of every shape, size, and variety.

I planted you and watered you with My Tears.
I watched you blossom and grow.
I love that I see you in full maturity.
In My generosity I give you an entire garden.
It is radiating with perfection.

I give you pansies and calla lilies.
I give you flowers you cannot name.

I lead you to a place where flowers smell sweet.
I lead you to a place where water runs freely.
Here only justice and peace thrive.
Here is only a place of Paradise that I prepared for you.
I give you a glimpse of this place where
works and burdens will disappear.
Give your thorns to Me and I will give you My Roses.

Are you prepared to kiss My Wounds?




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