Wednesday, June 20, 2012


This is Suzanne, Norma's daughter, hijacking Mom's blog for the evening.

I took a few photos at Mom's book signing party and thought to post them for her and without her knowledge. :) (Boy she's going to be surprised the next time she posts to the blog.)

We had a wonderful time at the book signing party for Small White Hearts. There was a great turn out; lots of friends and lots of book buying and signing. (Thanks lots of friends.) The weather turned out perfect due to an unusual storm rolling in during the late afternoon; cooling down temperatures, washing everything clean, and providing cloud cover for a spectacular sunset. We had perfect views of city, mountains and monsoon from our dear friend Katherine's house.

Katherine was the ultimate hostess, opening her home to many people and doing it with class, grace and much food. Family, friends, loved ones all together on a stunningly beautiful Tucson evening celebrating Mom's success. It was a night to be remembered. Thank you all for attending.

Maria and Mom.

John, Jana and Mom

Denise, Mom and Debbie

Mom and the tasty cake!

Mom and Lisa, my sister and the queen of photo bombing.

Katherine (hiding behind the camera) the ultimate hostess, Lisa, and Mom.

Brad, Greg, Geoff, Lisa, Mom, Guy and Libby. And, yes, those are sparklers on the cake.

Alex, favorite-ist  granddaughter in all the world, and Grandma.

Sunset from Katherine's back porch and a dove winging by.The Holy Spirit was with us, too.

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