Saturday, July 7, 2012


My 96-year-old Aunt Elsie Santos from Taunton, MA, is greatly enjoying my book, Small White Hearts.  She said sometimes she feels I am speaking to her directly when she is reading one of the love letters.

Elsie ordered two signed copies - one for a friend and one for my cousin Elaine and her husband Harold. She is also a die-hard Boston Red Sox fan. I try not to call her when the game is on as she gets so totally involved in the game that she is talking to me and the screen at the same time.

Also this week I turned in a blurb for the bulletin at my local church, Most Holy Trinity Parish in Tucson. In three weeks the pastor will let me have a table after services so people can look at, and, hopefully, acquire a copy so they will be spiritually refreshed. The blurb has my activities at the church, which is being Eucharistic Minister, a member of the Soup Patrol, and a volunteer at their Cooling Center. 

The Soup Patrol takes soup, bread, and hot chocolate to the homeless during the winter months. The Cooling Center is open in the summer at  nearby church and 35 people have a chance to get out of the sun from noon to four every day but Sunday.

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