Monday, July 2, 2012


Great stuff happened this week! I was approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission for Small White Hearts as a business. The next step is to get this advertised in the newspaper three times. I did that this morning and should hear back from them soon.

There are so many little steps to put all this together. My daughters, Suzanne Morrison, and Beth Carillo came over for lunch on Saturday and helped me with a few more steps. The new bookmarks came in from Guy Rovella our printer. He made them from the material of the book and put the Small White Hearts love letter on the back. They are really beautiful.

I have had some wonderful compliments from different people. Frances and Jim said: The poems give us so much to stop and reflect on what is important in our lives.

Ana said: I love the Prayer Corner and how you taught me to set it up. I have already begun to arrange mine.

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