Friday, March 29, 2013


Easter week means more than rabbits and candy. Serious tradition brings forth a series of events which interact with each other and are not separated. They are like your whole body as St. Paul says. You cannot have an arm without a leg or an eye without an ear. All the days of Holy Week mesh together.
Palm Sunday had us re-enact the journey of Jesus from Jericho where palm branches are abundant. I had the part as Narrator at St. Mary's Chapel for noon mass. Palm branches were blessed and people took them home to leave as a reminder of a glorious trip with Jesus to Jerusalem. I love to watch people make some neat crosses from the branches. We read all of what is called the Passion of Christ bringing in all of the events leading to the Cross and to the burial. 
Holy Thursday is the day Jesus washed the feet of His disciples. He washed Judas' feet, knowing Judas would betray with a kiss a few hours later. He also washed Peter's feet, knowing Peter would deny Him 3 times also in the next few hours. From the Cross the next day He said, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do." Judas committed suicide but Peter went on to be one of the most important personages in church history.
Good Friday is the day Jesus was hung on a Cross for our sins - not His but ours. What are we doing today to show we deserve His Grace and Forgiveness? Take time to read page 147 of my book, Small White Hearts, and meditate on Carrying the Cross. I often ask myself where are the multitudes on Good Friday who praised Him on Palm Sunday? Then please share it with at least one more person. Other Cross poems are in there also. Journal on how you feel as you read them.
Holy Saturday is a quiet day to get groceries, last minute clothes or gifts for Sunday. I was born on Holy Saturday so it is always special to me. I also do much fasting during Lent so I try to use this day to see where I am in being obedient in selecting foods that are healthy choces. We used to make everything from scratch and celebrate with family as a child. I still like to cook from scratch.
Easter Sunday is also called Resurrection Sunday and I like that term much better. The origin of Easter came from gods and goddesses so we should put our focus on coming out of the grave. I wrote a new poem called "John Arrived" and will share it in a few days.
May you have a blessed week and follow Him whenever you can. His salvation is for the asking as He brings you close to Him. Be open to the gentle prompting of the Holy Spirit in your lives.


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