Sunday, March 17, 2013


      Last time we discussed what is involved with setting up the talks for the Lenten Healing Seminar we will be doing next Saturday.Today we will discuss what each talk involves. There will be four talks: Forgiveness, Inner Healing, Physical Healing, and Resting in the Spirit. Each talk is separate but totally connected to each other. We also will be having a time of "hands-on" healing whereby two people will pray for each other and experience the Lord's miraculous power.
       The Forgiveness talk makes us aware of our not willing to forgive ourselves which is a detriment to receiving true growth. We blame ourselves for all the hurts and mistakes of the past. We cannot and should not do that. It makes us focus on ourselves too much. Have you ever heard someone say, "He hurt me and I will never forgive him for it?" One participant held a grudge for thirty years then, on our urging, wrote his brother across country and they reconciled. The brother did not know what bitterness had been brewing all those years. The participant forgave himself plus forgave his brother. How beautiful! Jesus is the center of the healing at all times.
     During the Inner Healing talk, I will bring you from before birth to looking at the future when you will, hopefully, be with Your Saviour. With permission from God, we have Him hold your hand and allow you to see through His Eyes many wrongs from your past that have been deeply hidden and need to be brought forth in order to grow spiritually. We expose some true hurts that happened in your life, knowingly and unknowingly, accidentally or not. In this way we ask God to allow us to see where past hurts are, then for Him to bring them to the surface and smooth them out. We don't ask for them to be removed from our memory, but for God to lessen the pain so we can see them from His point of view with His Gentleness on the situation.
     On the Physical Healing session, Bob Toohey will led us in a prayerful time as we sit in pairs and tell each other two sicknesses we currently have. Then after a prayer of protection, we quietly pray any way we are comfortable with: some like to say impromptu prayer, some like praying in tongues, some have routine prayers. The Lord always has many healings because He is the Miracle Worker who can fix hard-of-hearing ears, an upset stomach, or a misbeating heart. We see healings as in the bible when Jesus laid His Hands on people. Bob, himself, had a miraculous healing from Rheumatoid Arthritis which was recorded at his doctor's office.
      Resting in the Spirit, our last talk, will be given by Frank Gourdin. Not too many of the attendees has experienced this form of healing because we are one of the few groups who include it in the talks. In the bible in Acts 26:13-14, we see Saint Paul on his way to Damascus when Jesus appeared to him and knocked him to the ground. Many of the Charismatic Prayer Groups pray at the end of their meeting, anoint with oil, and see the person being prayed over fall under the power of the Holy Spirit. We have a catcher ready to lower the person to the floor and allow that person to have a physical, emotional, or spiritual healing.
     What do you need for healing? Do you carry a grudge from a long time ago? Do you have high-blood pressure? Do you need to let go and let God take all the frustration from your life to replace it with His Peace? We will see all of this happen Saturday, March 23, 2013, at the Lenten Healing Seminar from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Santa Rosa de Lima Hall, 2015 N. Calle Central, Tucson, AZ.

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