Thursday, March 7, 2013


      My latest project - is it really a project? - It is not a burden, so it should be called something else -  not a challenge nor a task. It is a delight to be involved with coordinating a Lenten Healing Seminar. The two groups who will be in this are the Prayer Healing Ministry of Our Mother of Sorrows Parish and Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Parish Charismatic Prayer Group. Both are in Tucson and have been ministering to members of their churches for over twenty years. I am happy to say that I have been alongside them for all of those years. This is the second time both groups have worked together. The first was at Saint Kateri Parish several years ago. At the time it was Blessed Kateri (long story, maybe for another day.) We had the same agenda, but brought food to share. About 75 people attended and most received a healing.
      Prayer Healing Ministry was founded by Bob Toohey after being led by Our Lord. He felt the need for people to have a place to meet, be prayed over for illnesses, and receive a God-given healing. He originally wrote all of the talks and has been using them for 16 years, 5 times a year. I was blessed by being able to lend my consent to them and be one of the speakers all this time. As I mentioned in my thanks page for Small White Hearts, "As a result thousands of physical, emotional, and spiritual healings have been recorded. Without him I would not have the healing ministry with which I have been gifted."
       The Prayer Group at Saint Kateri has been meeting once a week for three years after switching churches where they were for 30 years. David Galaz and Libby Sanchez lead the praise and worship. Fr. Abram Dono, S.T., who wrote the Introduction to my book, is spiritual advisor there. He also leads a music-filled bible study which prepares us for the following Sunday's readings. The Charismatic meeting begins with uplifting music, then a pertinent talk, people are led to speak in tongues while the Gifts of the Holy Spirit are exercised. After anyone who wishes to be prayed over can receive a healing for a physical, emotional, spiritual need. We bring food to share afterwards.
      This week saw me write up notices for bulletins and personally bring them to ten churches. I learned my lesson when I mailed notices for the Tapestry of Hope Ministry that was held in Globe recently and for which there are two blogs. When I mailed them, they got put aside, so I hand-carried these. Hopefully, more will insert. I also created a powerful poster to be hung in a visible place. Then I made smaller half-sheet flyers for the attendees of St. Kateri Prayer Group to distribute and also for my friends to hand out. Project?  No, but a beautiful blessing.

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