Sunday, June 30, 2013


     Whenever I have to take a dish to a Potluck, I put together a special salad. Most of the ingredients are in my fridge anyway so it's easy. My salad is very exciting and filled with colorful nutritious goodies. A young Pharmacy student approached me Friday at the U. of A. Cancer Center where I had a table for my book. She asked if I was Norma, then asked what was in my salad. We talked for a half an hour on what I had included.
        I was at the Cancer Center because a friend, Bettina Hofacre, was putting on a special program of monthly talks of promoting good health, especially for those with cancer. Several people were asked to have a table with wares. My friend Lindsey Meyer, who hand makes wonderful purses had the table next to me. In lieu of table fee, we had to donate a salad for 10. They have a luncheon with mostly salads, fruits, and desserts.  
        Inside my salad is whatever kind of lettuce I found inviting, celery, cucumbers, carrots, and tomatoes. Then I add crunchy things like sunflower seeds, chick peas, and walnuts.  Two types of cheese gets sprinkled on. I like feta for a surprise bite. A few ounces of cut-up free-range chicken adds protein. Then goes in some fruit like a cut up apple, raisins, or maybe blueberries. My salad dressing this time was Pear Gorgonzola by Litehouse which was mixed with plain yogurt. I prefer getting my veggies at Sprouts Supermarket which has a goodly selection of organic products.
        The second Potluck I went to was a going-away party for friends. How do you handle people leaving you when knowing you may never see them again? Most of us held back tears until the last minute. My daughters and I shed many tears when Lisa left for Chile for a year. We know she will come back for a visit. But how do you handle the knowledge that the people you are saying goodbye to will never come back to Tucson, and you won't be able to visit them?  We gave some Tucson t-shirts and baseball caps as mementos, but that still isn't enough. I have some sadness in my heart today and don't know when it will disappear. I can but put it into God's Hands for Him to heal the hearts of those at the Potluck. I pray He protects and guards all who travel and brings them on a new journey filled with richness and grace.

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