Tuesday, June 25, 2013


     Earlier I put this on Twitter and thought I would add the rest here. It is a poem about how magnificent God is in all He does. Where would we be without Him? I saw that with two of my daughters this week. Suzanne and Beth, after reading my book, decided they would try to be more positive in what they say - especially about others - and do. For a while, they were wearing rubber bands on their wrists and would snap them if they said something not positive.
       Suzanne had to deal with a woman at an estate sale who really didn't want to sell the stuff. Several of us went to the house after a sneak preview last week and promises of really good deals before anyone else bought. Then it was: after this man takes what he wants - after this woman takes what she wants. The people who were running the sale should have asked all who had dibs out to come first, take their stuff, and then the shelves could have been rearranged so it looked like no one had removed anything. I saw a super, beautiful change in Suzanne in saying: it's okay, I don't need any of it and walking away. Several years ago she would have been extremely upset and eaten a double chocolate brownie sundae. Now she is juicing and 15 pounds lighter.
     Beth is dealing with a severe case of Restless Leg Syndrome. She has pursued so many avenues and no solution.  She went to another doctor today and he couldn't do anything for her either. He even said he wouldn't charge because no result. Let's pray for her to find something soon as she patiently searches.
Here's My Divine Grace Abounds, page 47, Small White Hearts 
My Child, how can the tomb be empty
When My Divine Grace Abounds?
How can your life be empty
When My Holy Spirit dwells within?
There is no hollowness on Earth
But only inside the hearts of unfulfilled people.
Come, Lord Jesus, into my life.
Fill me with Your goodness
To strengthen me for the chores you set before me.
Bring me into Your divine grace to give me courage
To speak boldly in and of Your name.
Come, O Holy Spirit, to open me widely to Your promises.
May I rejoice in Your holy presence and absorb Your goodness.
If this is your first time reading my poetry, read the top part several times, then read the Meditation and try to connect the two. As always, feel free to print and share with others, just give me credit. www.smallwhitehearts.com

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