Thursday, July 3, 2014


       We have gotten to the letter E in our book of Titles for Jesus by Fr. Mike Scanlan. I was reading a book on Things Jesus Did and it was parallel to this book. I wish I had more time to write my blog but my day is filled with great stuff witnessing for Him and right now working on The Trinity Times, a newsletter that is being revived at my church, Most Holy Trinity. I will share progress we are making in that area later.
          ETERNAL LIFE: Scripture 1 John 5:20 This is the true God and eternal life. Key Thought: Our relationships with others can enhance our life, but only one, Jesus Christ is eternal life. My Thought: Something that is temporary disappears in a second. I have a friend who smokes often in my presence and I try to avoid the smell yet it clings to my clothes and hair. I have smelled the sweetness of Our Lord and Our Lady when I have been in prayer or often when I am taking hosts from the Tabernacle at St, Mary's Hospital Chapel to bring to the patients. Difficult to explain. Do you wonder what the flowers in Heaven will be like? 
          FAITHFUL AND TRUE:  Scripture: Revelations 19:11 I saw the Heavens opened, and I beheld a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. Key Thought: In our lives we deal constantly with our failure to be faithful to our commitments. We wrestle with our compromises, our exaggerations, and our misleadings. Jesus, however, was totaly faithful to the Father and absolutely filled with truth in all He said and did. My Thought: May I be totally faithful to my spiritual life that occupies my time 24/7.
             FAITHFUL WITNESS: Scripture: Revelations 1:4-5  Grace to you and peace from Him Who IS and Who WAS and Who IS to come, and from the seven spirits before His Throne, and from Jesus Christ, Who IS the faithful witness.  Key Thought: Jesus gave witness to Who God is and to God's plan for our salvation. He is absolutely faithful in what He witnesses and He is totally trustworthy. We can stake our lives on these truths. My Thought: You can bet I was the one who put so many caps on all those words that mean Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. They rule my life!!

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